Leopard that had triggered panic caught

 thehindu.com  09/13/2019 16:43:17 

The leopard, which had triggered panic in villages close to the Western Ghats near Manimuthar, was successfully caged by forest personnel on Thursday night.

The leopard had hunted down the goats kept in the backyard of shepherd Ramars house in Anna Nagar Colony near Manimuthar on August 7 and had taken one of the goats to the nearby jungle. As it was returning to the jungle with the prey, it was chased by a few street dogs. The cornered leopard had then killed two dogs before entering the forest.

After the villagers informed the forest personnel, cameras were fitted in the area to identify the predator.

The images captured by the cameras confirmed the presence of a leopard.

Subsequently, forest personnel placed a cage at a vantage point with a goat as a bait. The two-and-a-half-year-old female leopard got trapped in the cage on Thursday night.

When villager Ramaiah saw the caged big cat on Friday morning, he informed the forest personnel, who took the animal to the Mundanthurai area to be released.

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