Latest YouTube update brings back the annoying home indicator bug on iPads  02/12/2019 05:57:00 
It looks like Google isn't doing a good job when it comes to updating some of its major apps like YouTube. Last month, the Mountain View company released a new update for YouTube, which added support for the new iPads, but while doing that, it also included a bug where the home indicator overlap the navigation buttons at the bottom of the app.

One week after the issue was discovered, Google fixed it in another update that didn't bring any new features or improvements. Unfortunately, the bug has returned to the latest YouTube update that's just been released in the App Store, 9to5mac reports.

YouTube for iOS version 14.05 promises to “fix what needed fixing and squish some bugs,” but it also brings back the home indicator issue. If you're seeing this update on your iOS device, you might want to avoid it to prevent your tablet from being affected by the issue.

While we're expecting Google to address this issue quite fast, we can't help but wonder how are these updates tested before they're released to the general public. Probably not at all since this minor update wasn't supposed to introduce any new features, let alone an old bug.

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