Samsung Galaxy S9 price confirmed as £739 by mobile industry insiders  2/16/2018 10:00:32 AM   Adam Marshall

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 will cost £739 in the UK when it launches on Sunday February 25, if the latest S9 price leak from the mobile phone industry correct.

That's £50 cheaper than the only other S9 price information we've been given to date, which claimed that you should expect to pay "£100 more than the S8 cost at launch" and would have resulted in a price of around £789.

"Expect the S9 to be priced roughly £50 cheaper than what everybody is saying," says our inside source. "A £100 price hike from the S8 is no longer on the cards and it's looking much more like a £50 increase instead."

To be clear - this comes from someone we trust in the UK mobile industry who would certainly be in a position to know this information.

This is far more encouraging if you're intending to snap up a Galaxy S9 deal as soon as possible, but still signals a 7% increase from last year's Galaxy S8 -  which launched at £689 - and almost 25% higher than the Galaxy S7's £569 price 24 months ago.

Going up: Samsung Galaxy S9 price leaked

The minute that Apple priced the iPhone X up at a thousand pounds in November, the writing was on the wall for rising prices on the S9 and every other new flagship phone. But we're glad that the inflation at least isn't as bad as originally reported.

It's still a big leap from the last couple of years, but we had an inkling that a further £100 increase sounded excessive. That's why we wanted to verify it with a few more of our industry contacts.

Now that we're a couple of weeks closer to the release date and with the big S9 reveal just around the corner, it seems retailers are more confident to narrow down the expected sale price.

The Galaxy S9 is due to be unveiled at Samsung's 'Unpacked' event at the MWC trade show in Barcelona later in the month. It follows the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which became the Korean tech giant's most expensive mobile phone when it was released last autumn - a considerable £869.

Galaxy S9 Plus price and contract deals predicted

The price leak only tipped us off about the standard handset, which the latest Galaxy S9 rumours suggest will have a 5.8-inch QHD+ screen, smaller bezels and easier to use finger scanner.

But it follows that the S9 Plus will see a similar uplift, taking it to £829 upfront. By the same logic, we'd expect to the S9 and S9+ to cost around $800 and $875 in US stores on launch.

If you were planning to splash out on an unlocked Galaxy S9 handset, then we advise that you click through to our run down of today's best SIM only deals to make sure that you get the best possible plan to team up with it. Otherwise, we've dived into previous years' data to take an educated estimate of what the Samsung Galaxy S9 deals will be on contract as well.

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