Land pooling policy: DDA seeks govt.s help for land verification  09/13/2019 19:48:08 

In a bid to take the land pooling policy ahead, the Delhi Development Authority has asked the Delhi government for assistance on verification of the land parcels registered under the policy, said DDA Vice-Chairman Tarun Kapoor on Friday.

With over 6,400 hectares of land registered under the policy, the city governments Revenue Department has been asked to provide nodal officers for the purpose of authenticating the land parcels so that the various sectors can be developed, Mr. Kapoor said, while speaking at a conference on the policy here.

Mr. Kapoor also added that for the first few sectors to be developed, the urban body is willing to hand-hold developers and consortium so that model sectors can be developed. We have reached a stage where farmers have voluntarily come forward and participated in the policy by registering their respective land parcels. Now we need developers to come forth as well. For the first one or two sectors, we propose to do some hand-holding so that in the initial sectors the consortium is formed at the earliest, he said.

The consortium can only be formed after the Delhi government verifies the land parcels registered. Under the policy, a minimum of 70% of contiguous land is required to be eligible for development. The online portal for the land pooling policy, which was approved by the Centre in October last year, was launched in February this year.

Paradigm shift

L-G Anil Baijal, who is also the Chairman of the DDA, called the land pooling policy a paradigm shift in the planned development of Delhi.

Optimal use of land resources is required and under the policy there will be integration between built areas and green areas. Each sector will be declared as a zero-waste area and conducive walking areas with access to public transport will be available, said Mr. Baijal while speaking at the event.

Union Minister Hardeep Puri, who was also present at the event, said: The land pooling policy is a transformative step in improving Indias Capital. Land is a scarce resource and the new megapolis that is in the process of being constructed has to be built of the highest sustainable international standards. There is a huge rush of people coming forth for the policy which only means increased economic activity, jobs and housing.

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