KSI Vs. Logan Paul Results: Winner, Highlights And Twitter Reaction

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KSI VS. Logan Paul 2

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 09: Logan Paul (red/white/blue shorts) and KSI (black/red) exchange ... [+] punches their pro debut fight at Staples Center on November 9, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. KSI won by decision. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

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KSI got the victory over fellow YouTube sensation turned professional boxer on Saturday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. KSI took the split decision as two of the three judges scored the fight in his favor. One judge scored it 56-55 and another 57-54. A third judge saw it in Pauls favor 56-55.

Heres how Twitter reacted to the fight:

If youre wondering why there was no real boxing analysis provided by the boxing community, its because the bout didnt feature any real boxing.

The fight was wild, though a touch more refined than the amateur scrap the two men had in England in 2018 that ended in a draw. The wildness led to a controversial two-point deduction after Paul held KSI behind the head, and hit him while he was down. Paul had dropped the popular UK YouTuber with a sound uppercut initially, but seconds later the grabbing and late punch caused the penalty.

Referee Jack Reiss was excessive with his penalty of two points. If anything, Paul should have only been penalized one point. A warning might have even been acceptable. That wasnt the only bit of controversy in the six-round bout. In the third round, KSI hit Paul behind the ear with one of his wild right hands. Paul dropped to a knee and looked to try to grapple KSIs legs. He was a little out of sorts from the punch, but Reiss wrongly called it a push, and KSI didnt get credit for the knockdown.

When you consider the two errors from Reiss wound up canceling the other out, the scores seem more legitimate. Even if Paul had an extra point taken away, he was spared the automatic point deduction he should have had from the third-round knockdown.

To put it plainly, the right man got the decision. KSI was the aggressor most of the fight. His punches werent accurate, but he dictated the pace and kept Paul on his back foot throughout the fight. Pauls jab was his best weapon, but he didnt use it enough. He also neglected to throw the uppercut with enough frequency.

After the fight, Paul expressed an interest in a third fight, but KSI refused.

Instead, he suggested Paul get into MMA and perhaps challenge former WWE Superstar and UFC competitor CM Punk to a fight. Paul, who was trained by former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, says he wants to continue to box. Well see what comes of his next journey into the ring.

The crowd was loud and into the bout throughout. However, it was not a normal fight crowd. I recognized dozens of YouTubers near the ringside area, and other celebrities such as Justin Bieber were on hand. However, DAZN cameras didnt find any of the normal faces you see at a big-time bout with established professionals in the ring. While the event didnt draw boxing purists, you cant help but wonder if the popularity of this event will create more celebrity boxing in the near future. Time and money will tell.

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