Kendall Jenner Just Addressed Those Long-Time Internet Rumors That She's Gay  3/14/2018 6:03:48 PM   Meghan DeMaria

Kendall Jenner is on the April cover of Vogue, and the model wasn't afraid to get candid with writer Jonathan Van Meter for her interview. Jenner addressed rumors that she's gay and said that she isn't despite persistent internet gossip that suggests otherwise. She made a lot of good points, too. And her response is a reminder of why fans shouldn't assume things about celebrities' personal lives.

Jenner told Vogue flat-out that she isn't gay, adding that she "would never hide something like that." She just prefers to keep any boyfriends out of the public eye — which has led to plenty of speculation about her love life. When Van Meter asked Jenner why some fans online think she's gay, this was her response:

Jenner also told Vogue that she has "nothing to hide" from her fans:

Jenner wasn't afraid to dispel the rumors about her personal life. She's not hiding anything about herself from her fans — but even if she were keeping her sexuality private, that would be her decision, too.

Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott/ Vogue.

Jenner's statements come after much fan speculation about her sexuality. Articles like this one from, for instance, cite an instance that got attention where Jenner apparently hugged a friend when someone asked if she was dating Harry Styles.

Even with Jenner's clear statement, though, the speculation about her love life probably won't stop anytime soon. In the same Vogue profile, Van Meter notes that Jenner is rumored to be dating Detroit Pistons player Blake Griffin, though the model wouldn't explicitly confirm the reported relationship. Instead, when asked if she has a boyfriend, Jenner told Vogue, "I like my private life." She added that she has "someone being very nice to me" in her life, but didn't provide specifics about her rumored boyfriend. (In addition to Griffin and Styles, Jenner has also been linked to A$AP Rocky.)

Jenner has given similarly guarded responses to questions about rumored boyfriends in past interviews, too. When she was featured on Vogue's September 2016 cover, Jenner told Van Meter that she hadn't had an official boyfriend in two years, because she was focused on her career. "When you're young, everything's just kind of all over the place," Jenner told Vogue at the time. "I don't like it when people are all up in my business."

The next month, Jenner told Allure that she didn't want to make her private relationships public before she had everything figured out. "If I don't know what it is, I'd rather not let everyone else know," the model said to Allure in 2016. And based on Van Meter's latest conversation with her, it looks like her opinions about privacy and her personal life have stayed the same.

Whether or not Jenner chooses to share details about who she's dating (or not dating) with fans is her decision and hers alone. And just because a celebrity wants to keep their personal life to themselves doesn't mean they're hiding something. Hopefully, the comments she made to Vogue will put an end to the rumors (and the questioning) once and for all.

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