Justin Biebers #YummyChallenge comes to Chennai

 thehindu.com  01/16/2020 10:35:14 

Following the release of Justin Biebers Yummy song, fans, choreographers and dancers across the world  from London to Chennai  have take it upon themselves to create the #YummyChallenge that has gone viral (2020s first) and post videos of themselves grooving to this catchy number. The videos have gone viral on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, as various types of choreography were on full show at parks, subways, railway stations, and even classrooms and office spaces!

While the music has simply given room for some immense creativity, Kavya G, director of BlackSwan dance school, who attempted the cover in collaboration with Madras Dance Factory, says, Just like the previous challenges that were popular on social media such as the Kiki Challenge and Harlem Shake, this songs catchy element made me want to take on the #YummyChallenge.

Kavya also says, Parris Goebels choreography to the song prompted me to take up this challenge and make this song popular in Chennai. She also added that her video was shot in multiple locations around Alwarpet and Teynampet in Chennai.

Preethi R, from The School of Dance also took on the challenge: Right from the Baby song by Justin Bieber, every track of his is a global hit, and the Yummy song is fun, and I couldnt miss out on the choreography. She also added that people are taking special efforts to make the challenge more and more innovative.

It doesnt just end here: Justin Bieber might even respond to the video soon after it gets posted on the Internet with the hash tags!

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