Justin Bieber Reveals What Hailey Baldwin Gives Him That Makes Their Marriage Work

 cheatsheet.com  02/13/2019 21:52:04   Greg Brian

For those who grew up in the Justin Bieber era, it might be hard to believe he finally settled down to marry. It’s also still a bit surreal to consider that Alec Baldwin will be an in-law to the Biebs. With Hailey Baldwin’s father being Stephen Baldwin, the former’s childhood still wasn’t an easy one. Hailey has been known to say she still struggles with insecurities as she did when younger.

Perhaps it’s why the marriage of Baldwin and Bieber was a positive step for both of them. Bieber recently said Baldwin has been giving him a specific thing to make their marriage stronger than the showbiz average.

No, it’s not what you think.

A look into the psyche of Justin Bieber

Despite all the whirlwind success Bieber has gone through in the last 11 years, nobody can say it was a piece of cake. In his childhood, his dad wasn’t always around to give him the emotional support he needed.

Not having a parent readily available for support when entering the entertainment world already paves a perilous journey. This easily explains why Bieber found himself in trouble so many times before finally settling down.

Six years removed now from his worst personal career year, he’s a lot different from the kid we saw suffer from media overexposure.

The relationship with Hailey Baldwin proves what marriage can do to bring psychological support to each other.

What did Bieber say about his own insecurities?

Not long ago, Bieber gave an in-depth interview to Vogue about his marriage to Baldwin. He’s the most transparent he’s ever been to the media, admitting to experiencing a lot of emotional instability.

In fact, Bieber opens up considerably about taking time to join a group therapy facility in Napa Valley, California. While attending these therapy sessions, he’s learned to grapple with the realities of his past, including a mom who suffered from depression much of the time.

There isn’t any doubt this interview shows us the deep scars Bieber still has from the price of fame and not having essential parental support.

Another big reveal on the Bieber-Baldwin marriage

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin | Getty Images/Nicholas Hunt

We all reported on the happy occasion when Bieber and Baldwin tied the knot last September, even though they have yet to do an official marriage ceremony.

As you read through the above Vogue interview, you see Baldwin step into the picture as well and openly say how hard marriage is. The two reveal they’re both in marriage counseling to keep things stabilized while both still wrestle with showbiz careers.

Based on their schedules, it’s evident they don’t see one another every day. Bieber is still going on tour, and Baldwin is busy hosting the rap battle show Drop the Mic on TNT.

Bieber and Baldwin seem to understand one another well

One major asset to their marriage is they both knew one another for years before becoming engaged. The Vogue interview reminds us they both met a decade ago during a Today appearance. Alec Baldwin inadvertently set the Bieber-Baldwin connection into motion by giving his niece tickets to see Bieber perform on the show.

Later, it grew into a friendship, despite some major bumps along the way. Dating started about three years ago, giving a lot of time for them to understand one another.

What’s most notable now is with Baldwin’s admission to having insecurities, she’s becoming like a rock to Bieber who needed someone emotionally stable.

On her social media accounts, Baldwin said she wants to stay open about her vulnerabilities and be her best self. We’re going to assume Bieber finds it reassuring he can come home to a wife who knows who she is and understands the pain of not being understood mentally.

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