Justice Sotomayor Breaks Shoulder in Fall, Supreme Court Says

 bloomberg.com  4/17/2018 2:13:08 PM   Greg Stohr

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor broke her shoulder in a fall at her home Monday morning, a court spokeswoman said.

Sotomayor attended Monday’s court argument session, and the court also is hearing arguments on Tuesday. Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said in a statement that the justice’s doctor confirmed her shoulder was broken Monday afternoon. Sotomayor, 63, will continue her normal work schedule while wearing a sling for several weeks and undergoing physical therapy, Arberg said.

In January, paramedics treated Sotomayor for low blood sugar at her Washington home. The justice, who has type 1 diabetes, was able to go to work afterward, Arberg said at the time.

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