Today in politics: Live updates  4/16/2018 7:06:39 PM 

Fox News host Sean Hannity just responded to reports that he was Michael Cohen's mystery third client.

“Everybody’s going insane here,” said Hannity, who was on air and speaking on his radio show, “The Sean Hannity Show."

"I have known Michael a long, long time and let me be very clear to the media. Michael never represented me in any matter. I have never retained him in the traditional sense as retaining a lawyer," Hannity said.

"I never received an invoice from Michael. I never paid legal fees to Michael, but I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective, and I assumed that those conversations were attorney-client confidential."

He also tweeted a part of the statement:

"The other thing that I will need to point out to the media is apparently going insane over this, not one of any issue that I have ever dealt with Michael Cohen ever, even involved a matter between me and any third party. Now, I have eight attorneys use for varying things in my life," Hannity said.

He said Cohen would "generously" give him time. He said he would then invoke the attorney-client privilege to ask a legal question.

"I don't think that is that complicated," Hannity said. "How did this blow up to be such a big deal? I never had any case that involved any third party."

Hannity, during his show, called the court hearing a “circus.”

While on air, Hannity appeared to answer to messages. At one point, he stopped speaking and said, “Hang on, I got to send this. ‘I am on air.’ I wish everybody would stop calling me.”

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