Jony Ives latest product is the Apple Stage, a giant rainbow under which Lady Gaga is about to play  05/18/2019 01:32:32   Sean Hollister

According to MacRumors, Cult of Mac and a variety of social media reports, Apple employees are having a unique day at Apples spaceship campus  one filled with rainbows.

Last week, drone videographer Duncan Sinfield discovered that Apple had erected a gigantic new rainbow stage at the heart of its Apple Park campus, and this morning Apple employees learned what it meant: a huge celebration that may culminate in a private performance from Lady Gaga herself.

There was rainbow swag:

There were rainbow staircases:

Rainbow coffee cups:

And most importantly, there was reportedly a full explanation on Apples own internal network:

According to those articles on the Apple intranet (via Cult of Mac), the rainbows are all part of a special event today  one celebrating the formal opening of Apple Park (though it technically opened in April 2017) and paying tribute to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs simultaneously.

The colorful arches arent just some fancy tent, by the way. Its called the Apple Stage, and its apparently a 25,000 piece structure built to the specifications of Apples famous design director Jony Ive (the one whose face may someday appear next to aluminum in the dictionary). According to the report, the design breaks down into a set of building blocks that Apple can use again and again, meaning we may see it reappear for future events.

But first, it sounds like Lady Gaga will get a chance to break it in.

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