Jessica Alba arrives ‘flustered’ to Monaco gala after losing passport  06/14/2019 23:30:14   Oli Coleman

There was a highly dramatic beginning to the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, Page Six is told, because guest of honor Jessica Alba lost her passport on the way there and had to be escorted into the country at the last minute by a diplomat.

Spies tell us that Alba was due to arrive on Friday with plenty of time before that evenings glamorous opening gala, where she was to have an audience with Prince Albert of Monaco and promote her new TV show, L.A.s Finest.

But she lost her passport during a layover in London earlier in the day.

Were told that  since their star guest was unable to complete the journey on a commercial flight  festival organizers had to race to rustle up a staffer from the US Embassy and hustle them onto a private jet to London with an emergency passport for Alba.

The plane picked up the star, and headed right back to the Mediterranean principality.

Insiders tell us that they had to postpone the beginning of the opening ceremony until the Alba got there.

She showed up very late and very flustered, said a spy, But still looking flawless.

Reps didnt immediately get back to us.

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