Thunder vs. Jazz score: Chris Paul puts on another master class as OKC looks like legit dark horse in West  08/01/2020 20:53:00 

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OKC up 20 under 8 to play. This one just about on ice

86-62 OKC end of 3

Luguentz Dort guarding you must feel like running into a brick wall. He also moves his feet like an instructional video. One of the few guys who makes defense look fun

how are they even reviewing this? Gallo was going right at the ball. OMG they called it a flagrant 1. OK then

Utah has to get the pace up to have any chance of coming back.

OKC up 66-42 at half

Chris Freaking Paul. I remember saying he was a better player than Westbrook when that trade went down and I got laughed at in the office. I might've been wrong, but not by much

Thunder have protected the rim like a windmill today

Steven Adams T'd up for "hostile act" elbow to Gobert's face. Michell hits free throw. I'm thinking we need a little tamer language for this hostile act business. We're not calling in John McClane here

54-37 OKC, under 4 to play in 2Q

SGA's finishes against Gobert are getting ridiculous

Jordan Clarkson heating up. Jazz need him to keep the microwave on

Thunder starting to run away. 40-24, Under 8 in second Q

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