Ivanka Trump Posts Series Of Throwbacks To Honor Her Dad On His Birthday

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Ivanka Trump Posts Series Of Throwbacks To Honor Her Dad On His Birthday
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The Instagram photos feature Ivanka with her father at different points in her childdhood.

June 14 marks President Donald Trump’s 72nd birthday, and his daughter Ivanka celebrated by posting a series of throwback photos to Instagram. There are four pictures in total with a short birthday message attached. The first shows her father with her at one of her birthday parties surrounded by friends and family. The other photos show Ivanka with her father and siblings as she grew up.

The relationship between Ivanka and her father has been the topic of many discussions. Whatever your view though, it seems obvious that the president is closer to her than he is to any of his other children. One indication of this is Ivanka’s ability to tell detailed stories about growing up with the millionaire. Elite Daily reports that she indicated in a 2016 interview that her father always made his children a priority. She clarified that that didn’t mean he was always present.

“It doesn’t mean he was home every night for dinner — he wasn’t. He was working very hard. He was building an enormous business and he was in the early days of doing that when I was young and had a lot to prove to himself and to others, and he had big ambitions for himself. So, you know, he wasn’t always physically present but he was always available.”

All of POTUS’s children are involved in the family business, but Ivanka has also said that he never pressured them into it because he knew that success at any career comes only if you “deeply love” what you’re doing. She said he would “almost undermine” her when she considered getting into the family business. Ivanka says that her father’s advice to do something she deeply love is probably the most consistent piece of advice he had given her. It’s also widely believed that she is the Trump child who is most likely to take over the family business when her father decides to step aside.

President Trump has gotten some flack for how he speaks of Ivanka compared to how he speaks of his other daughter, Tiffany. He has always had great praise for Ivanka and once described her as a “great, great beauty.” He is less enthusiastic when talking about Tiffany, as shown by these comments about her in a 2014 interview.

“You know I have another daughter, with Marla, named Tiffany? She’s just a beautiful great kid also,” Donald Trump said. “But it’s very separate. When you have separate wives, it’s sort of… separate. Marla was a good person, as was Ivana. But I’m married to my business.”

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