Italian association demands an end to the US blockade against Cuba - ACN  10/01/2019 23:17:03  2

Tamao letra:

Italian association demands an end to the US blockade against CubaHAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (ACN) The Italian Solidarity Association La Villeta held today in Rome an event in support of the Cuban Revolution, where participants condemned the worsening aggressiveness of the current U.S. government, especially the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed almost six decades ago.According to Cubaminrex, the organizers of the event in the call accused President Donald Trump of being a threat to the planet, and also affirmed that "Cuba offers the world cooperation and peace, the United States destabilizes other countries by creating economic blockades and war.Luciano Iacobino, president of La Villeta, and the secretary of the Italian Communist Party, Mauro Alboresi, as well as the Jesuit priest Massimo Nevola participated in the activity.

Jose Carlos Rodriguez, Cuban ambassador to Italy, thanked those present for their support to the Cuban Revolution. The diplomat stressed the importance of solidarity with his country in the current situation and the bravery and resistance of the Cuban people in the face of Washington's growing hostility.

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