Ireland’s prime minister welcomes protests during Trump visit  05/17/2019 13:59:26   Yaron Steinbuch

Ireland’s prime minister said President Trump will be welcomed to his country during his visit next month  but that protest is not only allowed, it is welcome.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was asked by reporters during an event in Dublin on Thursday what he would say to people planning protests during Trumps visit.

Id say to them, this is a democracy and peaceful protest is part of democracy. And I would certainly never criticize anyone for taking part in a protest if thats the way they wish to express their views, he said, according to the Irish Times.

A lot of people have been very critical of President Trump, including me on occasion, on issues around climate, for example, on his opposition to free trade, on the criticisms hes made of the EU, on issues such as womens rights, he continued.

Ill have the opportunity as Ive had in the past to raise those issues with him in person, but I understand that other people will wish to do so by means of protest, and in a democracy, protest is allowed and is welcome.

Trump is expected to arrive in Ireland on June 5 after a three-day state visit to the UK and to travel on to Normandy for a World War II commemoration on June 6, according to the newspaper.

He is expected to use his Trump International Golf Links in the village of Doonbeg as a base from where he will attend the D-Day anniversary, the paper reported.

The president of the United States is welcome in Ireland. And I believe its important that we should respect the office even if people have particular views about the current incumbent, Varadkar said.

Asked if there were any policy areas in which he agreed with Trump, Varadkar paused before saying, Im absolutely sure there are . . . its always the differences that spring to mind. But let me think about that.

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