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 cnet.com  07/09/2019 06:05:00   Jeremy Toeman
Technically, this picture is "outside CNET" -- but you get the idea.

Technically, this picture is "outside CNET." But you get the idea.

James Martin/CNET

Hi, I'm Jeremy, VP of product and audience development for CNET, and I'm introducing a new(ish) column, called Inside CNET. This is a forum for me to update you, our favorite readers, with what's going on in our product development process.

For the first piece in this series, I'll explain what a "product development process" means, as I recognize it's not exactly day-to-day terminology for the majority of our readership!

Simply put -- liberally defining "a product" as "a thing people use" -- here at CNET our "product" is any and all of the following:

  • Our website: Including the home page, the templates for how our articles and reviews look, our "best laptop/tablet/coffee machine, etc." pages, the navigation layout, the video player, and so on.
  • Our apps: Tech Today and CNET Reviews & More.
  • The publishing system: With 20 years of original content, we have a pretty sophisticated content management system (aka CMS) to support all the custom needs we have.
  • Potpourri: We have lots of other components too, from our Featured Stories to the recently launched Technically Literate series, all of which require product oversight.

Casually, the way I like to think of it is my team (product development) builds all the baskets, the editorial team fills the baskets, and our audience...picks fruit from the baskets? Maybe not the best analogy, but I can assure you, whatever's going on, there's nobody putting the lotion in the basket!

My aim with this column is for you to know what kind of baskets we're building. Sometimes I'll use this forum to give you a sneak peek of things. Sometimes I'll ask to recruit some beta testers. Sometimes we'll still choose to surprise you with our latest and greatest. Sometimes...

But most importantly, it's to show what's going on behind the curtains, increase our transparency, and give you a place to share your feedback with us, the team that can take action on it. Welcome to Inside CNET!

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