Trump impeachment trial: Live updates from the Senate - CNNPolitics  01/25/2020 18:10:46  2

Sen. Chris Murphy, Democrat from Connecticut, told CNN following today's trial proceeding that he thought Trump's team "did as effective job aspossible presenting theirclient's case."

He said he thought the defense attorneys' "tonewas good, it was respectful." He added that he hopes that continues on Mondayand Tuesday.

Murphy also said he was "glad" that Trump's team "didn'tengage in some of the personalattacks and political sideshowsthat many of us are worriedabout."

Murphy was critical of how Trump's team described the access to the hearings and question that was offered to Trump during the impeachment inquiry

Asked if he heard actualfactual errors by Trump's attorneys today, Murphy said, "They continue to make claimsabout secret hearings in theHouse of Representatives, thatcontinues to be untrue."

"There were 100 members of theHouse that were able to be partof those hearings.They make these claims thatsubpoenas weren't valid becausethere was no impeachmentresolution at the beginning ofthe inquiry.That's not true."

Watch Murphy's interview:

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