Illegal Bangladeshi expat in UAE to see family after 15 years  8/12/2018 2:17:34 PM  5  Afkar Abdullah /Fujairah

A Bangladeshi resident, who stayed on illegally in the UAE for 10 years after his sponsor died, has had his immigration fines waived off in Fujairah. The resident, Mohammed Mani, has shed his illegal status and will fly home a free man after 15 years.

"Tonight I will sleep without any fear of being arrested and jailed for being an illegal," Mani told Khaleej Times.

The worker said he arrived in the UAE on a visa sponsored by an Emirati. He was employed as a worker. "My sponsor treated me very well and I had never even considered absconding. I stayed with him till he passed away. In fact, I was the only one who was with him when he died," said Mohammed Mani.
None of the deceased's relatives offered to sponsor Mani. "I tried to find another job to work legally, but in vain. I continued to stay on illegally in the country and did odd jobs to make a living."

Mani acknowledged that unscrupulous elements could have used him to carry out illegal jobs. "When the amnesty scheme was announced, I felt really happy. God had finally heard my prayers. I approached the Fujairah amnesty centre, where my fines were waived off and I was issued an outpass.

"I haven't seen my family and parents in 15 years," Mani said with a sigh.

500 absconders rectify status

Brig. Mubarak Rabea bin Sanan, Executive Director of Residency and Foreign Affairs, said about 500 illegal residents have rectified their status in Fujairah.�

He called on all illegal residents to avail of the amnesty and live in the UAE legally.

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