Ikeas smart blinds get a new October 1st release date in the US

 theverge.com  06/14/2019 14:58:37   Chaim Gartenberg

Ikeas previously delayed Fyrtur and Kadrilj smart blinds have gotten a new US release date of October 1st, the company confirmed today, following the newly announced August launch in Sweden.

The smart blinds were originally planned to launch in the US on April 1st, but Ikea had delayed the launch for a firmware update because it found an opportunity for improved functionality. The company promises that youll be able to control the blinds with a phone using the Ikea Tr�dfri smart home app, and through that, with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant voice commands.

Smart blinds themselves arent a new concept, but Ikeas spin on the take grabbed attention when it was first announced due to the low price point  the Kadrilj shades were originally announced to start at �99 (around $113), and the Fyrtur blackout shades were said to start at �119 (around $136), making them far cheaper than most other smart blind solutions.

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