iHeartRadio offers curated playlists to free users

 engadget.com  4/17/2018 12:22:00 AM 

Introducing the brand new Playlist Radio feature on iHeartRadio! Explore hundreds of expertly curated playlists for FREE! Open the iHeartRadio app now and give it a try. https://t.co/E8vNKW5ap8 pic.twitter.com/uspoL9ij5j

— iHeartRadio (@iHeartRadio) April 16, 2018

iHeartRadio promises thousands of hand-curated music playlists that have created around specific moods, activities, genres and eras. Only paid users will be able to create their own playlists, save music from our curated playlists, listen to music offline, play the songs in the order they please, and instantly replay playlist songs they love. Free members will be able to listen to the curated playlists, including ones made for road trips, '80s music and workouts.

iHeartRadio isn't the only streaming service with curated playlists, of course. Apple Music and Spotify. users can listen to curated lists, as well. Spotify free members can create their own playlists, but they're limited to 6 skips per hour and will hear ads (and sometimes similar tracks instead of the ones in the playlist itself). Apple of course doesn't have a free tier, but it does have curated and subscriber-made playlists available.

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