Identifying spiritual leaders with their caste is wrong  09/13/2019 19:35:20 

The very trend of identifying spiritual leaders who have strived for the betterment of society with caste or community of their birth is wrong, said the former Minister and MLC Basavaraj Horatti.

Speaking at the Brahmasri Narayana Guru Jayanti programme here on Friday, Mr. Horatti said that scores of religious and spiritual leaders born in India have rendered selfless service to the nation by dedicating their lives to achieve peace, harmony, brotherhood, equality and justice to weaker sections of society.

During their lifetime, they did not work considering the interests of one particular community or group. However, it is sad that today, they are being identified with the caste of their birth. This tendency is not correct and indicates narrow mindedness of society, he said.

Referring to the life and works of Sri Narayana Guru, Mr. Horatti said that he stands in the lines of great persons such as Valmiki, Basaveshwara, Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar and others. His role in eradicating the regressive practices and empowering the depressed sections in Kerala is being cherished even this day.

Celebrations of birth anniversaries of such great persons would be meaningful if we try to learn from their lives, take their message seriously and try to adopt them in our life, he said.

Uday R. Naik delivered a special talk on the life and works of Sri Narayana Guru. Additional Deputy Commissioner Ibrahim Maigur, Department of Kannada and Culture Assistant Director Manjula Yaligar and others were present.

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