'I'm not happy with it': Trump hits Fox News over poll results

 politico.com  08/19/2019 00:42:00   BIANCA QUILANTAN
Donald Trump

President Donald Trump on Sunday slammed his preferred news network over recent unfavorable poll results, saying: Theres something going on at Fox [News], Ill tell you right now. And I'm not happy with it.

Trumps comments to reporters in New Jersey were in response to a question about the networks recently released survey showing the president losing head-to-head match-ups against four of the top Democratic presidential primary candidates.

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Trump said he didnt believe the poll that was published, adding: Fox has changed. My worst polls have always been from Fox.

He also complained about how Democrats had barred the network from hosting or televising the partys 2020 primary debates, and then signaled a warning about the the general-election cycle.

And I think Fox is making a big mistake, the president said when asked about the polling and the networks leadership. Because, you know, I'm the one that calls the shots on that  on the really big debates.

The presidents criticisms are a continuation of a larger attack on one of his favorite targets, the news media. But Trump has increasingly lumped in Fox News, a network known for its conservative bent, in recent months for what he views as unfavorable coverage.

He has squared off with the network as it devoted time to forums with Democratic presidential candidates earlier in the year. Trump took jabs at Fox News in April over the networks town hall with Bernie Sanders, and again in May, ahead of its town hall with Pete Buttigieg.

This time, Trumps annoyance with an unfavorable poll led him to wrongly assert that he had control over the 2020 presidential debates.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, which is not controlled by any political party or outside organization and does not endorse, support or oppose political candidates for parties, has sponsored general-election presidential debates in every election since 1988.

Trump on Sunday also teed off on Fox News political analyst Juan Williams, who the president said has never said a positive thing  following up on a Twitter post earlier in the day in which he called Williams pathetic, nasty and wrong.

He did say he was certainly happy with other Fox hosts, including Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro.

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