I Bought the Duffel Bag That's in The Expanseand Love It

 wired.com  08/02/2020 12:00:00   Adrienne So

My husband and I have shared an ancient Mountain Hardwear expedition duffel for years (similar to this one) to keep our snowboarding, surfing, and camping gear together in the car. With the arrival of our two children, we needed another one to haul their tiny camping chairs, tiny sleeping bags, and three thousand stuffed animals.

Photograph: OnSight

Enter OnSights Tarmac duffel. It comes in sizes ranging from a 50-liter to a 140-liter size. The 100-liter version can fit everything that my 4-person family needs for shelter, like a stand-up tent, vestibule, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.

Its lightunder 3 pounds for the 50-liter versionand has reinforced seams, a yawning D-shaped opening, comfortable padded grab handles, and fitted, padded backpack straps. Im 52 and I can cinch the backpack straps tight enough for me to wear it comfortably while hiking.

Most importantly, the bag is also environmentally-friendly. Its made from Cotec EPO, which is a tarpaulin material thats polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free. When its inhaled as a gasmostly during the manufacturing processPVC can have dangerous side effects that include liver, lung, and kidney damage.

PVC is not something were not comfortable having in our product or in our supply chain, said Ourum. When [Cotec EPO] is combusted, its entirely inert and non-toxic. Even if you were to put flame to it, it wouldnt create any toxic materials.

Because its water-resistant and the zippers are covered, Ive been using it as a paddle-packing dry bag. Ive loaded it up in canoes and on paddleboards, and all our gearincluding our full-sized pillowshas stayed dry. It can also withstand pretty extreme temperature environments; the tarpaulin is designed to stay flexible even around -40 degrees Celsius, so Im looking forward to loading it up with snowboarding gear once the weather turns.

It's pretty durable, too. Ive only taken ours out on two camping trips so far, but so far its withstood pretty harsh treatment. Thats the most sustainable thing you can do, is to build a bag that will really last, said Ourom.

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Photograph: OnSight
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