Huge British World War II bomb dug up in Italian resort, 23,000 evacuated  3/14/2018 2:47:00 PM 

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A large British bomb from World War Two that was accidentally dug up in an Italian town seaside town has been moved to the sea.

Some 23,000 people in Fano were evacuated last night as a precaution while the 500lb bomb was transported to sea. The bomb was discovered during excavation work.

Italian Army bomb experts remove a bomb from World War II, in Fano, Italy. Pic: Italian Defense Ministry/ANSA via AP

Italian army bomb disposal experts said today that it will be detonated at sea after a 144-hour wait.

That is the maximum time required to see if the device explodes on its own if its time-delayed trigger was accidentally activated during the excavation.

The Italian navy took the bomb out to an area in the Adriatic outside navigation routes.

The accidental unearthing of Allied bombs is an occasional event in Italy.


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