Huawei admits it screwed up after putting ads on people's lock screens  06/14/2019 17:09:04 

  • Huawei recently got caught placing ads on people's lock screens.
  • The ads were for travel site
  • Huawei says it's now removed them.

Thanks to the impending U.S. ban, Huawei's got a lot on its plate right now. Amidst building its replacement OS for Android and figuring out how it'll survive without U.S. business arrangements, the company found time to put ads on some users' lock screens.

People began complaining about these ads on June 12, with multiple people on across the UK, Germany, South Africa, and more showing their lock screen with a image and text at the bottom promoting travel deals.

In other words, not a good look at all for Huawei.

Just a couple of days after these complaints came pouring in, Huawei reached out to AC with the following statement:

Huawei notes that the ads shouldn't be appearing on people's lock screens, but based on the screenshots we saw, it looks like it was perfectly intended.

It's still unclear how widespread these ad placements were, but at the very least, they should be gone and out of your hair now.

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