HTC announces Vive Pro Eye, Cosmos headset, Vive Reality and Viveport Infinity subscription service  01/07/2019 21:30:52  2  Nick Pino

HTC has announced a fussilade of product announcements at CES 2019. New this year are the HTC Vive Pro Eye eye-tracking hardware, Viveport Infinity games pass subscription, Vive Reality experience and Cosmos VR headset.

HTC is bringing eye-tracking to its VR headset family with the new HTC Vive Pro Eye. According Dan O'Brien, Head of HTC America, the addition of eye-tracking will enable foveated rendering - a feature on other VR headsets that enables reduced processing and clearer images in the areas where you're looking. 

The announcement of Vive Pro Eye was made at CES 2019, where HTC also gave updates on its Viveport Platform. HTC has added over 1,000 titles since the last CES but not all these games are available to all users - that's why Vive is introducing Viveport subscription that gives users a number of games for one set price.

Viveport Infinity is an expansion of the Viveport program that will give users access to over 500 games for one set price. Viveport Infinity will work across all HTC platforms including the Wave, HTC Vive and Vive Pro as well as any of Oculus' platfroms.

Vive Reality, also announced at HTC's keynote, will be the new glue that holds the platform together. From load-up of Home to the time you shut the headset down for the night, Vive Reality will be the new Vive experience. 

A key component to Vive Reality is Origin, a sort of hub overworld that will be the first place you go to when you put on the headset. It's the place you'll find new content and provide a space to hang out with your friends.


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