HP's Latest Monitors Are Designed for Video Conferencing

 digitaltrends.com  09/16/2020 12:00:46   Chuong Nguyen

To help office employees adapt to the new work-from-home reality created by the ongoing health pandemic, HP introduced a new lineup of monitors that are made for video conferencing and collaboration. These sleek monitors come with a pop-up webcam, a built-in speaker bar, and integrated microphones to give you a video conferencing station with minimal wires. Powered by a single USB-C 100W Power Delivery cable, the company claims that these monitors will give you a cleaner desk setup for Zoom video calls.

The HP Conferencing Monitors are available in either a 23.8-inch display size with the E24d G4 or a 27-inch panel with the E27d G4. The smaller monitor comes with an FHD screen, while the larger panel boosts the resolution to QHD, and both monitors support a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. The FHD webcam can pop up when you need it or stowed away if you don’t, which helps with privacy when you’re working at home and may not have carved out a dedicated office space to handle your remote meetings.

The webcam also has an IR sensor, which means that it can work as a Windows Hello device for password-less logins when connected to a Windows 10 laptop or desktop.

The monitors themselves are sleek, with small black bezels and a silver desk stand for a very minimal setup. That said, the speaker bar seems to be an afterthought, unlike on HP’s Envy desktops, so it looks like you have a small boombox jutting out from the bottom of your screen.

You can connect your laptop or desktop to these panels via DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, or USB-C.

If you don’t need a monitor to handle your video conferencing needs, HP’s E24t G4 is a touchscreen-enabled desktop monitor. This one swaps out the microphone, speakers, and webcam in favor of a cleaner look with a 23.8-inch FHD panel that supports a touchscreen.

All three of HP’s commercial displays come with IPS panels and ergonomics for height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and pivot, along with HP Eye Ease to filter out blue light. The touchscreen panel can reach a brightness of 250 nits, while the two Conferencing Monitors can achieve 300 nits of brightness.

Both Conferencing Monitors launch October, with the smaller one priced at $369 and the larger version priced at $499. The touchscreen monitor launches in December for $349.

In addition to the monitors, HP also unveiled the ProBook 635 G7, the lightest business laptop powered by AMD’s Ryzen processors, refreshes to its ProBook 600 and 400 (G8) laptops, a refreshed HP EliteDesk 805 G6 desktop, refreshed ProDesk 405 G6 desktop with Ryzen processors.

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