How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 18.04  4/17/2018 12:00:00 PM   Justin Pot

Chrome is the first app many people install on a new operating system, but you won’t find it in Ubuntu’s Software Center. Instead, you need to download and install a package.

To get started, head to the Chrome download page and start the download, just like you would on Windows or macOS. In the download window, choose the “64 bit .deb” option, and then accept the EULA.

Tell Firefox (which you’re replacing) to open the package for you (you cruel person you).

The Ubuntu Software Center should open, complete with an “Install” button. Go ahead and click that.

Type your password when prompted, and Chrome will be installed. Note that, in addition to installing Chrome, you’ve also added a repo, which you can see by opening “Software & Updates” and clicking the “Other Software” tab.

This means Chrome updates will install the same way as other updates in Ubuntu, using your package manager.

To open Chrome itself, click the “Show Applications” button at bottom left. You should see Chrome, but search for it if you don’t.

I recommend right-clicking the icon, and then clicking the “Add to Favorites” command.

This adds Chrome to the Gnome Shell dock.

Open Chrome and you’ll be asked whether you’d like to make it the default browser.

Make you’re choice, and then you can finally use Chrome.

If you’ve used Chrome on another operating system, you know what to expect: the Ubuntu version isn’t really any different. Enjoy!

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