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YouTube makes uploading videos easy. Downloading them is another story altogether. Here’s how you can download any video you’ve ever uploaded to YouTube.

How to Download a Single YouTube Video

From the YouTube homepage, click your profile image at the top-right corner of the screen. If you dont see your Google profile image, youll need to sign in.

Near the top of the list, click the YouTube Studio option.

Choose Videos from the sidebar on the left.

youtube videos

Hover over any video to bring up a menu. Click Options, at the end of the menu (the three vertical dots).

youtube options

Click “Download.” YouTube should immediately start to download an mp4 version of your uploaded video.

youtube download

For those who want to download a single video or two, this is all you need. But if you have a library of hundreds, perhaps thousands of uploaded videos, theres a better way.

How to Download Multiple All Your YouTube Videos at Once

To download all your YouTube videos at once, head over to Google Takeout. Here, you can access all of your Google data. You can export everything from Android configuration files to your search history all from one place.

google takeout

Click Deselect All, assuming its just YouTube videos youre after.

google takeout deselect button

Scroll to the bottom of the page. There youll find YouTube and YouTube Music. Check the box next to this option.

google takeout youtube

Click All YouTube Data Included to open a list of the files you can export.

google takeout all youtube

Check or uncheck what youd like to save. In this case, well choose Deselect All, and just check the option at the bottom for Videos.Click OK to close the window.

google takeout ok button

Click the Next Step button.

google takeout next step button

Choose your delivery method and your export frequency. Google can send you a download link for your videos, or theres the option to automatically stow them away inside of Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud storage services. You can also choose to Export Once or Export Every 2 Months For 1 year from this menu.

google takeout delivery method

Choose a file type and the size of your download. If you have several videos, you have the option to split them into files as small as 1GB. File types include .zip and .tgz.

google takeout file type

Click the Create Export button to finish. Google will prepare the videos and offer you a download link.

google takeout export

YouTube doesn’t offer an official way to download other people’s YouTube videos—not unless you want to download them offline in the YouTube app to watch them later. That requires a YouTube Premium subscription.

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