How Raiders fan creatively reused AB jersey after release  09/10/2019 00:19:05 

If you purchased an Antonio Brown Raiders jersey before his release Saturday, you could have a tough time exchanging it. 

Fanatics and NFL Shop typically allow exchanges within 90 days of purchase, save for select conditions. One of those conditions is a player's release, according to Action Network's Darren Rovell.

Bad news for people who bought Antonio Browns Raiders jerseys. @Fanatics & the NFL Shop state that fans have 90 days to get a free replacement jersey if a player changes teams. That does not apply if a player gets waived.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) September 7, 2019

The Raiders have not announced a buy-back or exchange program, so that has left fans to find ways to repurpose their now-outdated jerseys. Since Brown's release and eventual signing with the New England Patriots were professional sports transactions, some have gone with the cliched jersey burning. 

One Raiders fan got much more creative. 

Duct tape fixes everything = shouldve just bought a @81TimBrown jersey to begin with. Quick and easy fix for #RaiderNation to fix their jerseys @Raiders @MoeMoton @VicTafur @Jimmy_Durkin @FB_FilmAnalysis @BairNBCS @ChrisHansenNFL @ChrisReed_NFL @KrisWysong @OaklandAboveAll

— Kevin B (@KevDog01) September 8, 2019

That's not a bad approximation of a Tim Brown No. 81 jersey, and the tape job honors the franchise's greatest receiver without tearing down -- or burning in effigy -- a reminder of the now-departed Antonio Brown. All things considered, that's pretty ideal. 

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So if you're looking to repurpose your No. 84 jersey, take some inspiration from Kevin. You can always hang on to it, too, as a keepsake from one of the shortest, most bizarre tenures in Raiders history that will make a hell of a story some day.

And if you really can't stand the sight of it, consider donating the jersey rather than, you know, lighting it on fire.

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