How Edie Falco deals with her kids’ eye-rolling and one-word answers  01/16/2020 19:41:29   Nicki Gostin

Edie Falco has snagged four Emmys, but that doesnt seem to mean much to her kids.

The Sopranos star told Page Six that her children  14-year son Anderson and 11-year-old Macy  are right on track for their age.

One is a teenager and one is en route and theyre exactly where they should be at this age, which means I havent actually spoken to them at months. One word answers, she explained at the Broadway opening of My Name is Lucy Barton on Wednesday night.

Falco, 56, revealed that the monosyllabic responses are accompanied by copious amounts of eye-rolling and stomping up stairs.

The Nurse Jackie actress also says that her kids have routinely branded her the worst mother in the world for many years  but it clearly doesnt bother her. When asked how she reacts to the dis, Falco said she flatly replies, Hurry up and get ready for school.

Falcos latest series Tommy,” in which she plays the first female chief of police for the Los Angeles Police Department, premieres on CBS on Feb 6.

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