Horatio Sanz is life of the party at West Village cocktail bar

 pagesix.com  07/13/2019 18:33:50   Mara Siegler

Horatio Sanz hasnt lost his sense of humor since leaving SNL.

We hear that the comedy veteran entertained patrons at cocktail lounge Employees Only on Hudson Street early Thursday when he parked himself by the bathroom and greeted everyone who was waiting to get in, said a customer.

When he went outside for a cigarette, he approached a group of girls and asked them to see their feet, the source added.

Sanz apparently told one of the women, They could never be friends, because her toes were sticking out of her shoes.

After that, our source told us, He went inside and chatted up random people.

A patron was overheard commenting, This is what you want when you go to a bar  Horatio Sanz acting as an emcee for the evening.

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