Hoons try several times to run down police officers on Monash Freeway

 theage.com.au  7/17/2017 10:00:59 PM 

Two drivers tried to run down a pair of police officers on the Monash Freeway on Saturday, with one officer narrowly escaping with his life.

The hoons made multiple passes the pair before racing away, one heading up the wrong side of the Monash. Police are appealing for public assistance to track them down.

About 1.20am on Saturday July 15, officers in an unmarked patrol car spotted a pair of vehicles - a 1990s model white Honda Civic hatch and a 1990s model red Honda Civic sedan with a distinctive black bonnet – performing illegal U-turns on Wellington Road in Rowville.

Both cars had stolen number plates, so the officers decided to follow them onto the Monash Freeway. Roadworks on the freeway forced the cars to a standstill, allowing the officers to intercept.

As they got out of the police car and walked toward the two vehicles, the hoons hit the accelerator, smashing their cars forward into stationary traffic as they tried to get away.

Both vehicles then reversed at the officers, forcing them to leap out of the way. The red vehicle sped off, but the white Civic came again, forcing one officer to leap for his life over a concrete barrier.

The white car then accelerated down the wrong side of the Monash against the flow of traffic and fled.

Police have released images of similar cars in the hope someone can help them identify the two drivers.

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