Here's what you need to know about the circular firing squad in the Democratic Party  04/16/2019 22:42:00 

    • Jon Stewart 1118
      The Newseum will host an exhibit honoring former Comedy Central host Jon Stewart, whose brand of malicious, hyper-partisan political commentary launched a thousand copycat news shows and dumbed down an entire generation in the process.
    • 020416 Clinton Pelosi-pic
      Hillary Clinton praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosis leadership skills, giving her credit for Democrats regaining control of the House and the partys diversity.
    • 110917 Correll Roy Moore fundraise pic
      Democrats face a challenging path to taking over the Senate in 2020, but their chances just got a little bit better.
    • Britain Climate Protest
      Acting under the umbrella title, "Extinction Rebellion," on Monday and Tuesday, climate change protesters in London blocked traffic, threw fake blood around, and generally annoyed to people trying to get about their lives in peace.
    • Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring
      Three of Virginias top Democrats who have been plagued by scandals in recent months had difficulties raising money in an important election year for the state.
    • Jair Bolsonaro 0
      Until Monday, the American Museum of Natural History was one of the world's foremost educational institutions.
    • Beto O'Rourke 0416
      If his tax returns tell the story accurately, former Rep. Beto ORourke, D-Texas, is a skinflint.
    • Harvard University
      First Amendment supporters have a new ally in Harvard University President Lawrence Bacow after the campus president faced a crowd of rambunctious protesters last week.
    • Seth Moulton
      Another Democratic House member is set to enter his party's crowded presidential fray, as Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts was pictured in his home state filming a presumptive candidacy announcement.
    • Bernie Sanders
      By now, youve surely heard Bernie Sanders rail in his thick Brooklyn accent against millionayehs and billionayehs. But as the release of ten years of his tax returns has shown, Sanders is himself one of those very millionaires he frequently reviles for rigging the system, pulling the strings behind the scenes, and needlessly multiplying the number of deodorants available to American consumers.
    • Salt Lake City Skyline in Early Spring with Copy Space
      SALT LAKE CITY  Last summer, tiny microbes reacting to changing levels of salinity in Great Salt Lake turned the water half red and half blue. It created a stunning visual image  and an apt metaphor for the political changes that are starting to happen in Utah.
    • RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel speaks at an event.
      President Trumps aggressive campaign to lock down delegates to the 2020 Republican nominating convention in Charlotte has sent the partys top official on a six-day, 20,000-mile journey to remote American areas in the Pacific.
    • Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, is pictured at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday.
      Back in October, I warned you all in Politico Magazine that "the Kavanaugh hearings are hurting #MeToo":
    • Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders
      Pete Buttigieg, in an award-winning high school essay he wrote in 2000, praised Bernie Sanders as courageous for describing himself as a "Socialist."
    • Bernie Sanders-041619
      In sign that the 2016 Democratic Primary never truly ended, Bernie Sanders is raising money off of comments by Hillary Clinton ally David Brock, who is trying to block Sanders from gaining the nomination.
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