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Tamao letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 10(ACN) The Second International Meeting on the Conservation of Documentary Heritage will be held in Havana from September 24 to 27, with the presence of historians from the Caribbean region.The event will discuss experiences and challenges in the management of heritage collections, as well as the digitalization processes of documentary sources belonging to the historical collections of Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba.Hosted by the Cuban National Library and the Ministry of Culture, the meeting will foster exchanges on the restoration of historical documents, including the campaign diary of the top General in Cuban Independence Wars, Dominican General Maximo Gomez and the complete works of Cuban poet Jose Maria Heredia, Prensa Latina reported.As part of the agenda, Elena Naples, official of the Communication and Information Program of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), will present the Memory of the World Program, an initiative aimed at preserving the collective memory of mankind.

Researchers from the Historical Registry of the Autonomous University of Mexico, the National Cuban Registry, the Office of Historical Affairs of the Cuban Council of State and the Venezuelan University of Zulia are expected to attend.

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