Grim stability: US records almost 2,000 Covid-19 fatalities for 2nd day in a row, as death toll closes in on 15,000  04/09/2020 00:47:00 

9 Apr, 2020 00:47

Grim stability: US records almost 2,000 Covid-19 fatalities for 2nd day in a row, as death toll closes in on 15,000

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With models predicting the US is about to hit its coronavirus death rate peak, the country has reported nearly 2,000 deaths on Wednesday, about the same number as the previous day. The US accounts for about a third of all cases.

After smashing its previous single-day death record on Tuesday by nearly crossing the 2,000 milestone, the US has reported about the same number of lethal cases from the virus that has been sweeping across the country, on Wednesday, John Hopkins University tally suggests.

At least 1,973 people succumbed to the disease in the last 24 hours in the US, which is 34 people more than on Tuesday.

While the centre of the pandemic has since long shifted from China to Europe, where Italy holds the record of the most fatalities to date  - over 17,600 - the US has been not so far behind.

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With 14,739 lethal cases since the beginning of the outbreak, the US is projected to overtake Spain - that has the second highest number of deaths - in the coming days or even hours.   

While coronavirus has spread to every US state and territory, New York state remains the hardest-hit with the number of coronavirus cases there nearing a staggering 150,000. 

Its hospitals overwhelmed with a flow of patients in need of critical care, state's Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered flags to fly at half mast on Wednesday to pay last respects to “those we have lost to the virus.”

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Statisticians believe that the US is about to hit its Covid-19 peak, which can come as early as this week, according to the recently updated projections by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. The IHME predicted that the peak will fall on April 12, and may result in as many as 2,212 single-day deaths, before the rate slows down.


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