‘Grease’ prequel in the works

 pagesix.com  04/09/2019 22:33:58   Anthony D'Alessandro, Deadline

Deadline has confirmed that “Aladdin” screenwriter John August is writing a prequel to Paramounts 1978 musical “Grease.”

The pic will take its jumping off point from the song Summer Nights and focus on the fling that John Travolta and Olivia Newton Johns high school characters Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson had before reconnecting in the movie that everyone knows. Zukos memory of the fling is more raunchy, while Olsson remembers an encounter that was more innocent.

“Grease” had made close to $400M at the global box office for the Melrose lot after several remakes, and annual sing-along re-releases. Back in 2016, Fox aired a live version of Grease starring Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens which won five Emmys.

The original 1978 Grease soundtrack has sold over 38M copies worldwide. There was a sequel to the film in 1982 starring Michelle Pfeiffer and it tanked at the time making just over $15M at the domestic box office.

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