Google said to plan first smartwatch, budget phones for 2019  2/13/2019 5:29:00 PM  2

Crucially, there's also word of Google making a smartwatch -- the first time the company would release its own wristwear rather than collaborating with a partner like LG. There are even fewer details here, but this could explain why Google bought some of Fossil's smartwatch tech.

Other additions would reportedly include an "updated version" of its Home speaker, a new security camera and the expected refresh for high-end Pixel phones.

Nikkei didn't say when this hardware would ship. Google has historically unveiled most of its in-house devices at an October media event, but it's not necessarily obliged to deliver everything at the same time. It might introduce the budget phones sooner, for instance. Either way, it looks like Google's device team could have a very busy year.

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