‘Going gay for a month?’ YouTuber Logan Paul roasted again, 1yr after ‘suicide forest’ fiasco

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Published time: 12 Jan, 2019 01:34 Edited time: 12 Jan, 2019 01:58

‘Going gay for a month?’ YouTuber Logan Paul roasted again, 1yr after ‘suicide forest’ fiasco

Perennial attention-seeker Logan Paul has outdone himself by claiming he is going to spend March living as a gay man, on a podcast that has drawn withering responses from the internet as he tries to one-up last year’s scandal.

The YouTuber announced he and podcast co-host Mike Majlak would go gay for “male-only” March – following a less-inflammatory “sober vegan” January and “fatal” February. “We’re going to attempt to go gay for just one month,” explained Paul; “and then go back,” Majlak quickly added, as if to head off any speculation that he might actually be gay.

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Clearly missing the attention he got from his scandalous "suicide forest" video, which led YouTube to temporarily "cut business ties" with the vlogger despite the millions of dollars they've made off him and his 18 million subscribers, Paul succeeded in offending plenty of people.

Dear Logan Paul and any ignorant, hurtful fool, You can't "go gay for a month". Being gay is not a choice.This is an insult to the LGBTQ+ community.

Stop this nonsense and stop supporting problematic people.

— Luke Waltham (@lukewaltham) January 11, 2019

(bonus points for use of the term "problematic"!)

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But others saw desperation beneath his deliberately outrageous schtick.

Logan Paul trying to save his career. pic.twitter.com/liOD7bN6CA

— Cameron Grant (@coolghost101) January 11, 2019

Logan Paul literally willing to suck dick for YouTube subscribers

— Colossal is Crazy (@ColossalisCrazy) January 11, 2019

Others were, quite simply, bored of the YouTube star.

On behalf of the gay community, we don't want him and we definitely don't need him. Try again next year pic.twitter.com/GlNl2E5y80

— starrchild.1 🦋 (@starrchild_1) January 11, 2019

Everyone after they find out why Logan Paul is trending in 2019 pic.twitter.com/sEBg6a87OL

— dink (@RightInTheDink) January 11, 2019

Despite outraged calls for Paul's channel to be taken down after he filmed himself and his friends finding a dead body in Japan's Aokihagara "suicide forest," including a petition with thousands of signatures, YouTube merely removed him from its premium ad program and cancelled his role in an upcoming series, leaving the door open to other revenue streams.

Logan Paul in January 2018: *acts like a insensitive idiot*Logan Paul in January 2019: *acts like a insensitive idiot*

Everyone: pic.twitter.com/Ppi54Hzx8w

— Marie Can't Sing (@MarieCanSing) January 11, 2019

While he filmed a verbose apology ("I promise to be better") to his followers afterwards, it's clear the only thing Paul actually learned from that experience is that there's no such thing as bad publicity.

People like #loganpaul do not learn from their mistakes because stupid people still support them after they make them.

— NavroseShergill (@SH3RGILL) January 11, 2019

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