Girl gets hand reattached after it was cut off in UAE quadbike accident  12/04/2019 15:00:00  6  Ahmed Shaaban /Ras Al Khaimah
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A 14-year-old Emirati girl - whose entire hand was cut off in a recent bike accident - has had her hand and part of her arm reattached at the Rashid hospital in Dubai.

The Grade 9 student, identified as Shama, was riding pillion on her uncle's quadbike when the incident happened, according to her father, Ahmad Ali Al Rais.

"She wanted to put back her hair under her head cover but, unfortunately, she lost balance. Her hand got stuck in the steel chain, which cut off her entire hand and part of her left arm," Ahmad said.

Shama was first rushed to Saqr hospital and, with her hand kept in ice, she was later airlifted to the Rashid hospital, where she underwent an eight-hour surgery.

"The operation started from 6pm to 2am, and praise be to Almighty Allah, it was a big success. My dear daughter got back her left hand and part of her amputated arm," the father said.

Though she had to be placed in intensive care, her condition is now stable, he added. "I am so grateful to the medical teams at both Saqr and Rashid hospitals for saving my little daughter."

Ahmad said Shama, his only daughter, will have a skin graft operation on some parts of her hand and arm.

"Some of her leg skin will be replanted in her reattached hand and arm."

Authorities urged all parents to keep an eye on their kids, particularly during the holidays.

"Kids should be careful and take all precautionary measure when riding motorbikes."

Wearing helmet and protective clothes are important, for example, they explained.

"Motorbike hiring outlets should also make sure these safety measures are taken."

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