George Conway Schools Trump About Mitt Romney's Election Statistics  01/03/2019 10:38:06   Lee Moran

George Conway used election statistics to call out Donald Trump after the president taunted Utah senator-elect Mitt Romney for losing the 2012 election to Barack Obama.

In response to Romney’s blistering opinion piece about him in The Washington Post, Trump posted a tweet on Wednesday discussing how he won “big” in the 2016 election:

Romney did lose the 2012 election to Obama. However, Trump failed to note that he gained a smaller 46.1 percent of the national vote in 2016 compared with Romney’s 47.2 percent four years earlier.

Conway, a vocal Trump critic whose wife is White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, was more than happy to highlight the point:

On Tuesday, Conway roasted Trump for attempting to take credit for low gas prices:

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