Free trade is good, and so is the new North American tariff deal  05/17/2019 19:54:00 

    • San Francisco Mayor London Breed appears at an event.
      For all the screaming about President Trumps rhetorical attacks on the news media, nothing he has done comes close to what is happening now in San Francisco.
    • Chuck Schumer-051719
      Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer praised President Trumps decision to lift tariffs against Mexico and Canada on aluminum and steel, but said there are still many other issues that must be resolved before the Democrats will back his proposed new trade deal, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.
    • Kevin-mallory-Jerry Chun Shing Lee.jpg
      Former CIA officer Kevin Mallory was sentenced to 20 years in prison Friday.
    • Volkswagen Union
      Anyone who wants to understand why unions are losing membership and public sympathy need only look at the 2018-19 internal budget of the AFL-CIO. It lists more than $40 million in planned spending for political, electoral and issue mobilization, which is more than eight times as much as the $5 million allocated for actual union organizing.
    • Biden Syria
      Recently resurfaced comments in which Joe Biden described the need to build a border fence and punish employers for hiring "illegals" are pure political gold for President Trump's reelection efforts.
    • Israeli troops-051719
      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not want an American war with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    • President Trump arrives to speak at the National Association of REALTORS Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo in D.C.
      President Trump said Friday that the European Union is "worse than China" when it comes to imposing trade barriers, blasting the trading bloc for it's "very unfair" practices.
    • Ford factory in Dearborn, Mich.-051719
      Lawmakers urged President Trump on Friday to pull back from a threat to impose tariffs on auto imports. Their warnings followed Trump declaring a national emergency to protect the domestic auto industry. The order gave U.S. trading partners six months to reach an agreement regarding imports of autos and auto parts. Trump has previously threatened to slap 25% tariffs on them.
    • APTOPIX Trump Argentina G20 Summit
      The Trump administration has agreed to exempt Canada and Mexico from tariffs on steel and aluminum. The deal will likely boost the odds for President Trump's U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade, where the tariffs have been a key sticking point holding up a deal.
    • Congress Border Wall
      A snooty report Thursday in the Washington Post says President Trump has settled on a design for more wall on the southern border, and because it wont be whatever the papers idea of a wall looks like, the Post is calling Trump a failure.
    • Actress Alyssa Milano speaks after delivering a letter to Gov. Brian Kemp's office detailing her opposition to HB 481 at the State Capitol Tuesday in Atlanta.
      Alyssa Milano is urging women to abstain from sex to protest new state restrictions on abortion. Regardless of our views on this hot-button policy issue, women ought to agree that a sex strike is stupid, ineffective, and unnecessary.
    • Teacher Strikes
      When it comes to education policy and teachers unions, it is often the case that up is down and down is up. Teachers unions couch most arguments that benefit unionized public school teachers, like increased teacher pay, as being in the interest of children. The same type of arguments are made against charter schools.
    • Earns Deere-051719
      American farmers grappling with low crop prices and the loss of Chinese markets due to President Trump's trade struggle with Beijing are likely to purchase $464 million less in tractors and harvesters from Deere & Co. this year than the manufacturer predicted.
    • Veterans Cannabis Marijuana
      Lets stop kidding ourselves: Americans are using cannabis, and many of them are veterans.
    • Iran Daily Life
      The U.S. is vulnerable to Iranian attacks because Iran's leaders have reason to believe President Trump is uncertain.
    • Burger court-1972 file-051719
      The most idiotic response from activists and news media this week to Alabamas recently passed fetal heartbeat bill has been to underscore that it was approved by male lawmakers. And not just any male lawmakers, but ones who are white, as if that somehow has something to do with the issue.

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