Former Mets star Dwight Gooden arrested for second time in two months, charged with DWI in New Jersey  07/23/2019 20:15:04   Katherine Acquavella

Former Mets ace and three-time World Series champion Dwight Gooden was arrested for DWI in Newark, N.J. on Monday night. It's Gooden's second arrest in as many months; he was arrested for cocaine possession and driving under the influence on June 7.

According to Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose, Gooden was found driving in the wrong direction down a one-way street at approximately 11:10 p.m. on Monday night.

"It's sad to see the continued problem of this former Mets' star but it's an example of the persistent scourge of drugs and alcohol in this country and the stranglehold they have on addicts, Ambrose said in a statement.

Gooden, 54, has been known to struggle with addiction since his playing days. The 1985 National League Cy Young winner entered rehab in 1987 after testing positive for cocaine during Mets training camp and was suspended the entire 1995 season after failing a drug test.

He has been arrested multiple times in relation to drug-related issues in the past. In 2006, Gooden was incarcerated for seven months after violating the terms of his probation after he arrived high on cocaine at a scheduled meeting with his probation office. In 2010, Gooden was arrested for driving under the influence while taking his son to school.

The four-time All-Star spent most of his 16-year career as a member of the Mets (1984-1995) and the Yankees (1996-97, 2000). Along with the Yankees and Mets, Gooden played for the Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Gooden retired with a 194-112 record, and had an ERA of 3.51 and 2,293 strikeouts.

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