Flood waters being shown as Kaleshwaram water

 thehindu.com  09/13/2019 17:26:28 

Congress MLC T. Jeevan Reddy has alleged that normal flood water during Monsoon was also being taken into the account of the Kaleshwaram project and not a single drop of water of the project had been used so far.

At a press conference here, he said that 45 TMC of water could have been lifted and sent upstream but the government had totally ignored it.

He alleged that the government was afraid of the electricity bills for lifting the water and instead was letting it flow down into the sea.

It should explain the reasons for not using the available water, he asked. However, it was laughable that the gvoernment was linking shortage of urea to availability of Kaleshwaram water. Mr. Reddy said the government is more interested in publicity for the project than actually using the water.

It realises how costly the lifting process is and is refraining from using it. Diverting the flood waters to canals it is just fooling people, he alleged.

Officials were also expressing their helplessness as there were no official orders from the government on utilising the water now flowing into the sea, he said.

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