Flex Alexander opens up about past eviction from LA home

 pagesix.com  11/22/2020 18:45:36   Tashara Jones

Flex Alexander  who starred in hit UPN sitcoms Girlfriends and One on One, and is married to singer Shanice  recalled to Page Six how the Hollywood couple was evicted from their LA home in 2010, with their kids, when they hit hard times.

It was a real estate crash. We bought a lot of property so the hard times came along and I continued to try to hold onto that property and pull from savings, he said. Real estate was a great way to attain wealth and it was something I wanted to pass down to our family and our kids. So I tried to hold on  but I should have just jumped ship early.

He and his wife have opened up about their financial struggles on their OWN reality show Flex & Shanice, which ended in 2016, but Alexander says he doesnt regret going public with their story of bankruptcy.

I never had regrets. I am from the projects in the South Bronx and that type of stuff dont faze me, the 50-year-old said.

These days, their careers are back on track, and hes also been DJing on Zoom. Therell also be a One on One holiday marathon in December.

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