Falcons at Saints: Live updates, game stats, highlights as Drew Brees battles Matt Ryan

 cbssports.com  11/10/2019 18:23:36   Tyler Sullivan

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Good for the Falcons to just put up points there. Extends their lead, 23-9. Would take a Drew Brees Hall of Fame-type performance to mount a comeback now.

Saints have the 11 penalties today ...

Wow. New Orleans is so undisciplined today.

Julio Jones just couldn't adjust to that throw. I think he thought Matt Ryan was throwing it to the sidelined. Instead, it was going over his right shoulder.

Such a clutch catch by Austin Hooper there. Smart for him to haul it in, go down and keep the chains moving.

No idea why Atlanta is trying to get cute and go with a screen pass.

Like the strategy to start here by the Falcons on this drive. Run the ball, kill the clock.

Another example of penalties putting the Saints behind the eight ball and then the Falcons pass rusher getting after Drew Brees.

That's exactly the type of return the Saints needed to begin this drive.

The Falcons announce that Freeman has been ruled out for the rest of the game. Luckily for them, Brian Hill is running well.

And that could be the dagger. Matt Ryan to Brian Hill for a 10 yard touchdown. Falcons now up, 20-9. The upset is on!

The Falcons have yet to have that back-breaking moment in this game. Let's see if they can convert this third-and-8.

And right on cue, Jones makes up for the miscue with a first-down grab.

The ball was clearly coming out as Jones was heading to the ground.

As expected, the ruling on the field is reversed.

Doesn't look like Julio Jones was able to hang onto that grab.

So far, the Saints have been called for nine penalties in this game.

Another critical penalty called on the Saints. They are not doing themselves any favors in this game. Extends this Falcons drive.

Brian Hill is running really well under duress with not only Freeman hurt, but Ito Smith on IR too.

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