Karlan: Trump used the "royal we" when asking Ukraine for a favor

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Brendan Smialowsk/AFP?Getty Images
Brendan Smialowsk/AFP?Getty Images

Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican from Colorado, asked professor Jonathan Turley about the nation's previous 44 presidents, and how their records stack up in impeachment standards.

Turley said he "can't exclude" many presidents when talking about possible impeachable offenses.

After bringing up a variety of allegations against former presidents, including John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama, Buck asked:

"Can you name a single presidentin the history of the UnitedStates  save President Harrisonwho died 32 days after hisinauguration  that would not havemet the standard of impeachmentfor our friends here?

"I would hope to god JamesMadison would escape. Otherwise, a lifetime ofacademic work would be shredded," Turley joked as many in the room laughed. Turley's academic writings include several about Madison.

"But once again I can't excludemany of these," he added.

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