Everything We Know About Apple's Upcoming Powerbeats 4 Earbuds

 macrumors.com  02/20/2020 19:01:34   Juli Clover
Apple is working on an updated version of the Powerbeats, which will serve as the successor to the Powerbeats 3 and will be sold alongside the Powerbeats Pro

Signs of the Powerbeats 4 have been spotted in updates to iOS 13 multiple times, suggesting the earbuds could be launching in the near future. This guide includes details on everything that we know about the Powerbeats 4.

Powerbeats 4 mockup

As can be seen in the Powerbeats 4 rendering that we've created above, the Powerbeats 4 have a more curved design than the Powerbeats 3, which makes them similar in design to the ‌Powerbeats Pro‌.

The Powerbeats 4 also appear to have a wire that trails down from the bottom of the earhook, which is a departure from the Powerbeats 3 design that has the cord attached to the side of the earbuds opposite the earhook.

‌Powerbeats Pro‌ icon on left, new Powerbeats 4 icon in middle, Powerbeats 3 icon on right

Other than the relocation of the cord, we also expect Powerbeats 4 to include new H1 chip technology for improved connectivity and "Hey Siri" and "Announce Messages with ‌Siri‌" support like all of the modern headphones Apple has released.

‌Powerbeats Pro‌ are wire-free headphones, while Powerbeats 4 have a wire connecting the two earbuds together. ‌Powerbeats Pro‌ also come with a charging case that adds additional battery life, while Powerbeats 4 will not have a case.

We expect the Powerbeats 4 will be close to identical to the ‌Powerbeats Pro‌ but with a wire and a more affordable price tag.

Apple charges $199.95 for the Powerbeats 3 and we expect the Powerbeats 4 to have a similar price tag.

There's no word on when Powerbeats 4 will be released, but Apple is rumored to be planning to hold an event on March 31, so it's possible the Powerbeats 4 will see a launch following that event.

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