Empty knife threats leads to probation

 dailymercury.com.au  4/16/2018 8:08:01 PM   Madura Mccormack

A SARINA man convicted of pretending to have a knife behind his back during a confrontation with teenagers was "scratching his back”.

James Alexander Chaille, 23, pleaded guilty to public nuisance in the Sarina Magistrates Court yesterday.

According to the version of facts provided by the victims aged 16 and 14, Mr Chaille had been hiding behind a bus stop with his right hand behind his back while a group of teenagers were having an argument.

The female teen, who had been filming the incident, spotted Chaille and asked him "what the f--- are you going.”

"I'm going to f---ing stab youse,” Chaille replied.

But once the teen pointed her phone at him, he showed his hands to prove he didn't have a knife.

The court was told the teens then went on their way but saw Chaille wrap material around his hands, causing them to run away.

Chaille's defence lawyer Ken Seaniger told the court the 23-year-old had not been "hiding” behind the bus stop but had simply come out from his home because he feared for the welfare of one the teenagers, who was his friend.

Mr Seaniger said Chaille had his right hand behind his back because he was scratching it, but the fact about the ensuing threats that were made was undisputed.

Magistrate Nolan said Chaille's criminal history, about 2 pages long, was "appalling”.

He had already been under probation for committing public nuisance and had spent time in prison before.

A conviction was recorded and Chaille was sentenced to nine months' probation.

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